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Mini Max lightweight rig launched

The new Easyrig Mini Max, which supports cameras weighing between 2 and 7kg is on show. Prototypes of the small back-mounted rig have been tested by users over the summer, with good results.

“I think many of the best things [about] the Cinema 3 Easyrigs have been incorporated into the Mini Max: more solid supportive vest, smoother running of support line, pivoting upper arm and the plus and minus adjustment without releasing entire tension as on the original Mini,” said Australian DoP, David Paul, who likened it to “a baby Cinema 3”. He added: “Being able to swing the camera to the side, or sit it on your shoulder easily, is a major improvement.”

“It’s a big difference between the Mini and the Mini Maxi. The feeder is so smooth all the way. And I like that the angle of the arm is higher,” said Swedish wildlife cameraman, Peter Lindgren.

“I really love the system, because it gives me the manoeuvrability that I want while retaining the stability of a tripod. It feels nice that I can go on multiple hour shoots and not feel a
thing as I wear [it],” said Conner Robbins, a combat camera video chief with the US Marines

“As many cameras nowadays are lighter, the Mini Max will suit a large number of camera people,” said Paul, adding that with the wider weight range he’d use it more on documentaries than with the original Mini, as he can use it with both his F55 and his Sony A7s rig.