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Microservices are the key

According to Charlie Vogt, CEO at Imagine Communications, the key to creating a powerful, flexible software-defined architecture is to build it from microservices. The wider IT industry knows this, he claimed.

“It is the only way to create truly cloud-native solutions,” said Vogt. “Microservices have been at the core of nearly every successful and disruptive business of the past decade.”

Microservices are compact single-function software components carefully tuned to perform a media function with extreme efficiency and reliability. The copmany said these self-contained services are the building blocks of cloud-native applications that provide media companies with the agility, scalability and flexibility they require.

Imagine claimed it was pushing the innovation envelope even further through its Open Zenium programme. This allows third parties to share source code, enabling them to develop their own microservice-based solutions quickly and securely, adding specific functionality to meet particular requirements.

“The microservices architecture is inherently scalable and extensible,” continued Vogt. “It is immediately open for geo-dispersion, for processes to be shared across multiple machine rooms and in the cloud. It also enshrines agility into the infrastructure, because new functionality can be dropped in as it is required and as it becomes available, without disruption and without losing any capital investment.”