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microDDP storage introduced

Ardis Technologies has introduced its microDDP series of its DDP shared storage systems. There are two versions, each are 1U, 6kg and 7TB raid-protected SSD storage.

MicroDDP1GbE has seven 1GbE/RJ45 ports built-in with a bandwidth up to 400 MB/s. MicroDDP10GbE comes with two 1GbE and two 10GbE/RJ45 and has a bandwidth up to 1GB/s.

The systems are recommended for outside recording, ingest, editing and playout on location. According to the company, 7TB of storage is enough to hold more than 70 hours of ProRes HQ or DNxHD185 material or about 300 hours of DNxHD45 or more than 100 hours of Pro Tools 100 track sessions. Up to 40 streams of ProRes HQ/DNxHD185 can be sustained for example with the microDDP10GbE.

At IBC, it has also introduced version 4 software for its DDP Ethernet SAN shared storage systems. Enhancements include caching; capacity scaling, meaning that the DDP16EX and DDP60EXR can be added on the fly; and load balancing, meaning that files for folder volumes can be ingested or copied to different groups of drives within one DDP Volume.