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Mentor RG makes European debut

This subsidiary of Clear-Com is presenting the European debut of Mentor RG, a sync and test pulse generator (SPG) for reliable broadcast reference and test signals. The Mentor RG generates synchronised broadcast video, audio and timecode signals to a very accurate time signature, often provided by a GPS reference system, which is then passed onto the mission-critical automation system.

The single box solution ensures synchronisation of multiple signals in any broadcast or professional media application.

The Mentor would typically be installed as the master reference generator in a TV station or an OB truck, claimed Trilogy. Since accurate reference signals are crucial to successful operations, it recommended two Mentors and a changeover should be used to give the ‘ultimate in redundancy’.

All SD and HD reference and test signals are generated simultaneously for both 525 and 625 standards, with independent timing control for all outputs. The Mentor pays special attention to multiple audio generators assignable for AES audio including DARS, embedded audio in the SD/HD channels, Wordclock and analogue stereo audio.

Stephen Sandford, product manager, Trilogy, said: “Generations of Trilogy SPG products are widely deployed in many broadcast studios around the world and are trusted for their accuracy and dependability.

We are pleased to build on this legacy with the introduction of Mentor RG, providing Clear-Com and Trilogy customers access to this latest set of SPG capabilities.”