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Meeting the multinational challenge

National and regional network operators face the growing challenge of competing with multinational corporations, yet have neither the comparable budget nor the organisation to implement complex TV projects.

Zattoo aims to provide them with products and solutions that can be implemented without a large investment, with a short project lead-time and a lean organisation.

The Zattoo IPTV Multiscreen solution has now been rolled out in six countries across Europe. It has been expanded with a hybrid/IP solution for cable network operators with an existing DVB-C infrastructure.

For network operators with an existing cable TV system, Zattoo said it provides a product for the first screen that offers dual benefits. The live TV channels will continue to be delivered to the customer efficiently via the cable network of the network operator and the existing infrastructure.

On top of this, the cable product can now be expanded with IP signals, enabling functions like time-shifted TV, catch-up TV and network PVR. Additional channels can also be
integrated via IP.