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Meeting the 8K storage challenge

The evolution from HD to UHD at 4K and 8K is moving rapidly and the amount of video data is increasing exponentially. Conventional IT technologies for capture, transfer and deep data processing, such
as non-linear editing and archive processes, are hardly sufficient.

To handle such large files, IBM has proposed FLAPE, a combination of the first three letters of flash storage and the last two letters of tape. IBM FlashSystem is an all-flash storage that achieves 1.1M I/O per second and 10GB/s data rate in read. This can support 8K uncompressed data streaming.

According to the company, IBM Enterprise Tape offers 10TB per cartridge capacity with a 360MB/s data rate, which works as a large capacity, cost-effective,
robust and long-term storage for the UHD workflow.

For metadata management, including a low-resolution video or a proxy file preview, the use of cloud technology is highly anticipated. With JVC and For-A, IBM plans to build a cloud-based MAM on IBM SoftLayer, with IBM Cloud Object Storage from Cleversafe. This will allow an IP-ready video camera to ingest every cut of video in real time by itself to a cloud MAM for users to narrow down the files for post production processing.