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Media Factory gets working

By Ian McMurray

Media Factory breaks down the traditional siloes related to separate content preparation workflows for different distribution approaches or different regions, according to Globecast.

The company said that it allows customers to provide content to Globecast once and then deliver to linear playout, OTT and video on demand platforms. It also said the system enables Globecast’s three media centres in London, Singapore and Los Angeles to seamlessly work as a single operation.

As well as demonstrating Media Factory at IBC2015, Globecast is also featuring localisation and edge playout. Localisation, according to the company, enables broadcasters to increase revenues and get more value from their existing content and channels by localising them on the edge for different regions or platforms.

Globecast’s VoD packaging offering is also on show. It is said to allow broadcasters to deliver VoD content to some of the biggest TV platforms across Europe and Asia.

The company claimed that it also removes the complexity in the broadcaster caused by the different metadata and technical standards required by VoD platforms globally.

According to Globecast, its creative and compliance services – which are also a focus on its IBC stand – offer an unparalleled range of creative, production and post production services for broadcasters, content creators and clients with post production needs.