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MCAS solution supports SSL credentials

A topic of discussion with visitors on the Fastcom Technology stand is its recent announcement that Fastcom’s MCAS solution now supports SSL credentials to secure 4K STBs deployed in the field.

With the advent of 4K STBs, Fastcom points out, pay-TV operators need to implement two-way authentication between the head-end and STBs. The MCAS-SSL Credential is deployed to create a trusted connection between the payTV operator’s head-end and STBs, providing confidentiality and mutual authentication.

Dr Fabrice Moscheni, managing director, Fastcom, said: “The MCAS-SSL Credential brings our customers functionalities that are vital for 4K STBs. It is an important step in making the MCAS solution a complete offering of independent licensing authority services.”

The MCAS-SSL Credential supports two modes of operation, either by embedding the root of trust in the hardware or by using an existing root of trust provided by the SoC. It is built as an extension to the MCAS solution, leveraging already-implemented processes, infrastructure and services. All cryptographic operations are performed offline using a hardware security model.

Fastcom said that processes can be easily adapted to match business requirements.