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Matte boxes hang out in all the top bars

The new matte box series MB-216, MB-256 and MB-436 are fully upgraded versions that are usable with the 15mm top bars that are a standard on the Vocas top handgrip. The benefit of using the top bars to support the matte box is that users can freely make adjustments to their base plate, such as finding the optimal balance point, without having to adjust the matte box in any way.

For the same purpose Vocas has developed a new top lens mount support, so that now every accessory can be mounted on the top bars, increasing the flexibility of the set-up.

The MB-216 and MB-256 are now also suitable for swing away use, which makes switching lenses easier.

Most wide-angle lenses should work with the MB-216, which is wide enough to accommodate many lenses with a wide-angle converter without vignetting.

The MB-256 works with lenses with a front diameter up to 114mm, particularly Zeiss CP.2 lenses. Both matte boxes include a rotatable 4×4-inch filter tray and space for a fixed 4×4-inch filter in the front of the hood. The MB-436 is an economical 4×5.65-inch matte box designed for use with big lenses.