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Matrox to focus on SMPTE 2110

Matrox Video is preparing for IBC with a focus on the transition to IP and plans to demonstrate its lineup of SMPTE 2110 capable video IP cards for broadcast OEMs.

The company offers multiple flavours of SMPTE 2110 IP cards, capable of multi-channel (4-input/4-output) HD and 3G video over 10 GbE, while adding the security of ST 2022-7 redundancy and guaranteed bursting free packets, with zero CPU usage.

Alberto Cieri, director of sales and marketing, Matrox Video, said: “IP networking is ubiquitous, and there is a huge amount of flexibility provided by moving to an IP workflow. Matrox is in a strong position to integrate IP into our product lines, and we’ve been working – along with our peers in the AIMS alliance – to ease the transition from SDI to IP. Through the adoption of industry standards we’re ensuring inter-manufacturer compliance without sacrificing broadcast quality.”

The X.mio3 IP and DSX LE4 IP cards provide on-card IP encapsulation of HD, 3G, and 4K video for all IP transport protocols, including SMPTE 2110, SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2022-7. Matrox said: “through its standard NIC capabilities and on-board traffic shaping, the DSX IP product line also offers system builders CPU-free networking”.

Announced in April, the DSX LE4 IP video card is the latest addition to the DSX line of developer product, expanding the IP product family at a lower entry price. The X.mio3 IP expands upon the feature set of the LE4 IP by offering onboard de-interlacing, as well as scaling and compositing – freeing up CPU cycles for other on-system processing.

Stand Number: 7.B29