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Matching broadcast audio to a T

New for IBC is the System T S300, a compact broadcast console designed for a wide range of broadcast installations and OB vehicles.

It offers a fixed layout compact control surface that can be combined with the complete portfolio of SSL’s System T network objects: consoles, remote tiles, touchscreen interfaces, Tempest processing engines, remote PC software and network I/O. It can be specified as part of a larger System T installation or in standalone configurations for smaller broadcast facilities or OB vehicles.

The S300 comes in two versions: 16+1 faders and 32+1 faders. It can connect to either a Tempest T25 (256ch @ 48kHz) or a T80 (800ch @ 48kHz) processor engine and runs the same software as the larger S500 surface and TCR (Tempest Control Rack).

System T is SSL’s dedicated live-to-air broadcast audio production system. It is entirely IP based and uses AoIP as its core, not simply as an edge connection to the console’s audio infrastructure.

Tempest processing engines include direct AoIP interfaces, allowing commercial off-the-shelf switching infrastructure to replace the requirement for more expensive proprietary audio routing hardware.