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Mastering live cloud playout

StreamMaster is designed to support virtualisation and the transition to IP. Pixel Power’s technology includes real-time DVE and 3D graphics, mixing of live feeds using a built-in software master control switcher, and automated branding and cross-channel promotion.

At IBC, the company is working with Amazon Web Services to demonstrate live, linear playout from the cloud, incorporating real-time DVE and graphics.

The demonstrations include simple channel playout where the schedule is fixed and there are no live events, through playout with live events and premium channels including reactive scheduling, for instance around sports events whose end time is not known.

James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power, said: “The opportunities that virtualisation and the cloud open up are transformative and positive for the industry.”

Alongside the cloud demonstrations of StreamMaster, Pixel Power is showing its graphics and workflow products.

These include new releases of automated content production system Pixel Factory, the Clarity Graphics system and Pixel Promote, which automatically creates and inserts marketing and promotional content based on the broadcaster’s objectives and future schedules.