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Masstech: Playing nicely together

A combined workflow for automated playout and comprehensive asset management is being debuted following the move to acquire the products and technology of PlayBox.

The company is demonstrating how Masstech’s asset management, archiving and transcoding solutions have now been integrated with the PlayBox channel-in-a-box playout system.

The Core of the PlayBox system is the AirBox automation playout server. This is being demonstrated operating in concert with Masstech Core Asset Management.

Masstech claimed the combination establishes a modern, interconnected, highly automated platform for file-based workflow that manages the entire lifecycle of content and meets the full spectrum of technical, operational and business challenges facing today’s broadcasters.

Also being featured at IBC is the new Masstech for Enterprise HTML5-based interface, which offers cross-platform content search, viewing, frame-accurate video editing, and media management.

Also on show, Masstech for News enhances Avid iNEWS, AP ENPS, Ross Inception and any MOS-enabled NRCS with its Video-Follows-Text feature. The company claimed the system automates archiving, eliminates fees for adding storage, integrates media and archive management directly within the NRCS and streamlines the movement of content between legacy MAMs, production systems, different NRCS systems and multiple newsrooms.