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Mark up another release for TallyMan

BC sees a new release of the TallyMan broadcast control system. TallyMan is designed for real-time, user-oriented control and dynamic data display. Key functionality allows the design of virtual control panels, usually implemented on touchscreen PCs.

The latest release allows engineers to define buttons to achieve multi-device, precisely time-aligned salvos of commands. The design platform now includes a new range of sliders, rotary encoders and X-Y controls, which can be applied to anything from positioning robotic cameras, to adjusting audio levels, or for colour correction.

A new addition to the TSL Products command and control range is FlashBoard, a screen-based information distribution and display system. Integrating with TallyMan, third-party control systems or capable of independent operation, FlashBoard recognises the

increasing need for critical workflow information to be delivered visually at the point of use. It drives multiple displays, each with a unique combination of data, clocks and timers, on-air and cue lights, and production details. Screens are designed quickly using the drag-and-drop functionality in the TallyMan virtual panel software for display in monitor walls or distributed wirelessly to tablets.

Chris Exelby, managing director, TSL Products, said: “When we talk to customers around the world, it is clear that they want to be able to implement solutions which are carefully tailored to their specific needs, but which can be delivered quickly,
cost-effectively and flexibly.

Our unique independent position in the industry and our adoption of open standards means we are ideally placed to deliver the Control Systems layer that allows our customers the freedom to choose best fit, best-of-breed equipment.”