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Managing assets

A new version of VSN’s advanced production asset management (PAM) tool, integrated within its VSNExplorer media and business process management product, is launching at IBC. It is designed for use within production environments, whether for news or TV shows.

“The latest version of our advanced PAM software gives production teams continuous control of ongoing projects, while enabling them to organise metadata and assets into different categories, all from a single interface,” said Jordi Capdevila Espitia, marketing director of VSN.

“Providing visibility into all production stages and workflows, this tool enables users to quickly check on a task’s status and project owners, detect bottlenecks
and even publish and send media directly to social media channels.”

The company noted that prior to the introduction of this functionality into the VSNExplorer PAM, users were “unable to quickly review all ongoing projects, workflows and production stages”.

The new VSNExplorer PAM tool also includes browsing and discovery of metadata and assets through a hierarchical tree view; custom and at-a-glance management of all tasks, whether completed or in progress; user permission management; asset creation within the interface, including new VSNExplorer Wedit assets; downloadable EDL files; tracking of assets across multiple media storage accounts, regardless of location; and selection of multiple customised views (table, list, etc.).

According to VSN, this is developed in HTML5 to avoid the need for extra operating software to run it, and it interfaces not only with internal modules, such as VSN’s new Wedit tool for web video editing, but also with external non-linear editing systems, social media channels, archival services, programming partners, quality check systems and similar.