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Making VR a reality for broadcasters

Nokia Technologies is demonstrating the power of its VR 3600 OZO filmmaking platform that now has the tools needed by broadcasters to create VR content, both recorded and live, for an end-to-end 3600 experience.

At IBC last year, Nokia brought the OZO camera along to introduce the concept to broadcasters. This year, however, “there has been a tremendous amount of progress”, according to the company’s head of global sales for VR capture, Stuart English.

He said: “This year with OZO Live [a scalable 3D 3600 live stream solution] we have the complete system.

We have now got proof of concept from UEFA, which has used the technology, and many other projects that have and are being used to experiment and evaluate OZO.

There is now an acceptance it works, is reliable, and we have seen some fairly major deployments.”

Nokia has also added “special audio mixing” into OZO Live at IBC as well as launching a Windows 10-compatible version.