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Making prompting more personal and PTZ friendly

The new 465 Personal Prompter Rig is an upgrade for the 365 rig Portaprompt launched at IBC2014.

Jon Hilton, sales and marketing manager, Portaprompt, said: “We are finding that many clients are now looking for something a little more sophisticated when using tablet-style prompters, especially in corporate video production where editorial changes are very common. Making those changes on a tablet-based system takes too much time.”

The new 465 includes Portaprompt’s Windigi PC-based prompting software, and a 7-inch or 10-inch dedicated Micro Prompt with rigging adapters. Pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras are becoming popular in self-drive studios, but they are particularly difficult for prompters to rig onto (as there is not much to rig on and you have to maintain camera movement).

To overcome this, Portaprompt has developed a new rigging and hood structure for PTZ installations, which is suitable for both its mid-budget Fusion range and its Broadcast Premium and Quasar ranges.

There is also a new Premium 17-inch monitor in its Broadcast Range, featuring all the standard broadcast functions, including built-in Tally lamps. It offers 400

Nits brightness, compared to the more expensive 1200 Nit 17-inch Quasar which is designed for studio and outdoor applications.