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Making a play for the complete 8K/HFR experience

The German specialist in high-performance video codecs is in Hall 1 presenting a PC-based media player ready for 8K video up to 120fps.

Spin Digital claims that the 8K HEVC/H.265 Media Player is the first solution for 8K playback on PC platforms with HFR support, together with support for 10-bit video, HDR and wide colour gamut.

The media player is based on Spin Digital’s HEVC/H.265 Decoder and Video Rendering Engine which has been optimised for maximum performance on recent PC platforms.

As video resolution grows from Full HD to UHD/4K and UHD/8K, frame rate needs to increase as well to maintain the dynamic image definition, said Spin Digital.

For content with fast object or camera movement, the company believes that HFR is of paramount importance for providing smoothmotion representation and minimising motion related artefacts.