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Making monitoring smarter

The new 8351 acoustically coaxial three-way Smart Active Monitor (SAM) system was developed in response to the need for increasing audio perfection in acoustically challenging production environments. According to Genelec, it marks a step forward in active monitoring and features advances in audio driver technology integrated into a sophisticated enclosure design.

The 8351 borrows its size attribute from Genelec’s established 8050 and features a compact footprint for a three-way monitor. The centre of the 8351’s enclosure features the minimum diffraction coaxial midrange/tweeter driver evolved from the 8260.

Also new is the 1234 Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) System, designed to achieve accurate and powerful sound reproduction in demanding recording and mixing environments.The 1234 SAM System provides quality, well-controlled directivity and neutral sound reproduction and is supplied complete with a RAM XL (remote amplifier module)., 8.D61