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Making mermaids cry

Using the BBC’s IP Studio platform, BBC R&D is developing the tools, formats and protocols required to produce and deliver object-based content. On show at IBC is The Mermaid’s Tears, the company’s interactive audio drama where visitors can follow any one of three characters through the story and which was produced using the BBC R&D system.

It was broadcast live, making it the first live interactive object-based broadcast. To produce this experience, BBC R&D developed a novel audio control interface to generate the ADM metadata that describes the mix for each character. ORPHEUS, a European collaborative project that aims to create an end-to-end object-based audio broadcast system, has a major presence at IBC on the BBC R&D stand, as well as on the stands of B<>com (8.G14), Fraunhofer IIS (8.B80) and the EBU (10.F20).

In addition, visitors can see BBC R&D technology within collaborations across the show floor, including the Opera TV stand (14.A20), where the company is showing what HbbTV 2 media synchronisation and companion screen features make possible.

On the EBU stand, BBC R&D is using clips from the BBC’s award-winning Planet Earth II series, to demonstrate the set of video conversions required in a complete high dynamic range television ecosystem.