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Making a case for fibre

The Fibre Mini Booth Kit is a compact unit that uses audio, video, intercom and IFB equipment to connect a commentary or presentation booth with an outside broadcast unit. The OB can be connected up to about 900m away, without signal degradation, over six strands of single-mode tactical fibre-optic cabling.

It gives productions the ability to send and receive signals over 12 bi-directional video paths (six each way), 16 audio paths (eight microphones, eight intercoms), and four IFB channels, and offers an optional robotic camera interface with Ethernet control over pan, tilt and zoom.

The lightweight racked module (which has suitcase-style handles and wheels for easy transport) is claimed to be very user friendly and can be moved around and set up within minutes, making it useful for smaller productions with only a single on-site technical manager to set up the various fibre paths.

It “offers the same rugged functionality of its larger predecessor, but is housed in a custom case less than half the size”, said Edd Bonner, Bexel VP of engineering and operations.