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Lupo Lux: Lightweight LED lights launched

Two new lightweight (carbon fibre reinforced polymer) LED Fresnel lights have been launched by Lupo Lux. The 50W Dayled 650 and 90W Dayled 1000 output the equivalent of a 650W and 1kW traditional Fresnel respectively, and come in 3200K or 5600K versions.

They can be used as spot or flood lights, with hot restrike and 0 – 100% dimming, with DMX connection via 5 pin XLR. They have 14.8v battery connections via 4-pin XLR for location use, or can be connected to mains at 220v or 110v.

The Dayled 650 has a 120mm Fresnel lens, weighs 2.5kg, and its dimensions are 190mm x 160mm x 180mm, while the Dayled 1000 has a 150mm Fresnel lens, weighs 3.5kg, and measures 210mm x 260mm x 230mm.