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LumaCon puts lenses to the test

LumaCon is a new test instrument for cinematographic optics from Luma Tech that uses a proprietary target-sensor and software, and the ‘peak contrast’ principle, to pinpoint optimum back focus and focus distance scale settings of lenses.

The image of a knife-edge reference object is used to generate performance curves. The software then does the interpretation, automatically locating the point of peak image quality.

Applications include general maintenance and repair of motion picture optics, as well as in-depth analysis and comparison of optical resolution and assembly quality. It is claimed to be ‘the most powerful instrument for optical quality assessment ever offered at such an affordable price’.

The software works together with an optical bench with illuminated test targets and a focal-plane microscope. It is claimed to remove vagueness from the job of judging back focus and other routine tasks, but does not totally remove human judgement from more advanced testing.