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Lowering the cost of OTT

High-density video acceleration technology from Artesyn is available as an add-on card for ‘quick and scalable’ integration into standard server architectures.

This means users can work with existing servers as well as cloud infrastructure to support new video transcoding services.

The SharpStreamer card portfolio encompasses a range of GPU-accelerated devices in small, scalable PCI Express card footprints that are easily deployable in off-the-shelf platforms.

According to the developer, it enables content owners, broadcasters and service provider networks to lower the cost of handling OTT video and speed the deployment of high density video transcoding and multiscreen delivery.

One version is the SharpStreamer Mini which features one or two Intel Core processors and Intel HD Graphics 6000 in a half-length PCI Express add-in card.

The SharpStreamer technology is also available pre-integrated into a 1U server or 2U carrier-grade server for broadcast and multiscreen OTT in a standard server architecture.