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Lomo gets tough with all-terrain primes

The new Lomo Illumina MkIII high-speed prime lenses are a complete ‘military spec’ redesign of the Lomo Illumina MkII lenses. According to GearCam, they will be the ‘toughest, most-durable, all-terrain cinema primes on
the market’.

Features include: a maximum focal length wide open of T1.3; sealed lens mechanics to cope with dirt, dust, sand and moisture; scratch resistant front and rear glass; locations of focus and iris rings match on all focal lengths; high weight load capacity for accessories, such as matte box or follow focus; and the longest warranty among prime cinema lens manufacturers (18 months), according to the company.

The Lomo Illumina MkIII lenses also boast a classic Lomo vintage look, beyond Super 35mm frame coverage and ‘virtually zero breathing’. The 18, 25, 35, 50 and 85mm primes will be available in early 2018.