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Living on the AdsEdge

A central server application for AdsEdge that manages the delivery of localised advertising campaigns on DTT and cable is being shown for the first time.

Campaign Manager links an automation system with ad agencies and AdsEgde to ensure that the correct ad content is received and is supplied to the splicer in the appropriate timeframe.

AdsEdge is a combination of server and splicer that is placed at the edge of networks and is used to provide targeted local content insertion.

Reporting capabilities are available in Campaign Manager.

Enensys is also highlighting version 2 of IPGuard, a transparent IP switch that provides network and equipment redundancy for digital TV networks.

Version 2 uses SMPTE 2022-7 to expand its capabilities beyond the analysis of the video transport stream inside the overall UDP (User Datagram Protocol) stream. It allows it to view and check the RTP (Real Time Protocol) header and synchronise and switch accordingly.

IPGuard has switching criteria for TS (DVB-T, ATSC), BTS (ISDB-T) and T2-MI (DVB-T2).