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Live to VoD in quick time

A showcase of live-to-VoD syndication for over-the-top (OTT) and mobile services by Anvato at IBC2015 will demonstrate how content owners, broadcasters and programmers can create video-on-demand files from their live linear streams and syndicate these files to MVPDs and multiple online destinations such as Netflix and Hulu in near realtime.

Anvato recently introduced a new live-to-VoD capability to its TV Everywhere/OTT platform that enables the delivery of TV programmes and other premium video assets such as sporting events and concerts as VoD files to MVPDs as quickly as possible after the show has aired live.

Alper Turgut, CEO, Anvato, said the new capabilities expand the company’s cloud DVR and social syndication functionality.

“The new live-to-VoD service is a software solution that automates asset creation and requires no human intervention. This simplification of the workflow offers outstanding value by acting as a bridge between live and on-demand, and provides benefits including lower costs, faster distribution, and convenience to programmers and MVPDs,” Turgut added.

Anvato’s live-to-VoD solution automates the asset creation workflow and performs functions such as partitioning live signal using SCTE markers from broadcast automation system.

It is able to automatically cut entire shows in a frame accurate manner, associating shows with the right upstream and scheduling metadata and syndicating to the right destinations.

In addition, it produces clean assets by automatically removing commercials, resyndicating to the correct destinations at the right time and reporting on syndication status.

Anvato’s TV Everywhere/OTT platform is 100% software-based and uses off-the-shelf hardware. The company said this approach provides customers with a flexible service that is not only more cost-effective, but also easier to deploy and manage.