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Live OTT to have ‘profound impact’

Sye, which is being demonstrated at IBC, is Net Insight’s ‘true live’ OTT solution. The company is showcasing what it claimed to be frame-accurate synchronisation and fixed low-delay to deliver live OTT video across multiple screens. It is also discussing the profound impact it believes this will have on social TV and real-time social media interaction.

True live OTT means harmonising the first and second screen, according to Net Insight. The company believes it opens the door to more interactivity in advertising, betting and voting. Net Insight believes Sye is a game changer for the live OTT market, providing unprecedented TV experiences – all of which it said have the potential for enhanced viewer engagement and the ability to monetise OTT content in new ways.

Net Insight claimed that its true live OTT solution can bring business value to all entities in the media and entertainment ecosystem. It enables telcos to package linear TV or broadband with OTT services which in turn facilitates the opportunity to enter the advertising value chain. CDN operators, said Net Insight, will be able to further climb the value chain with a true live

OTT offering to all content owners to create superior viewer experiences and increase TV viewer bases.

The company further claimed that gaming companies can benefit from Net Insight’s solution by integrating betting in live events and sport on mobiles. The frame synchronisation achieved by Sye is said to mean a better live service and in-game betting, thus increasing revenues for
gaming companies.