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Live ENEX deal

BCE (Broadcasting Center Europe), Streambox and ENEX (The European News Exchange) signed an agreement Monday at IBC, with a goal of deployingnew live features to more than 50 ENEX member broadcasters using the enhanced BCE Newslink platform.

Newslink’s initial platform, built to only offer video file sharing, will now have the capabilities to share realtime HD content from any ENEX broadcast member to another using cloud streaming technology. For the past months, BCE and Streambox have been in collaboration to establish an open design that will allow for new features to be incorporated in the future.

As this new feature sends live video content via IP instead of the traditional satellite, it’s expected to greatly reduce operation costs and open the door to increase live feed video exchange. “This latest iteration of the Newslink server from BCE and Streambox really gives us a fantastic opportunity to connect with our partners and provide them with a much better and a greater diversity of service,” said Adrian Wells, managing director of ENEX. The effort began two years ago when the three companies met and came up with this strategy at IBC., 7.G15 (BCE),, 5.A09 (Streambox)