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Lighting for GoPros and more

US-based Lume Cube develops lighting devices for users of GoPros, drones, smartphone cameras, action cams and DSLRs.

The thinking is that as casual capture devices decrease in size, they can struggle in low light conditions. Lume Cube’s compact light source is designed for shooting quality photographs and videos at night. According to the company, Lume Cube measures one-and-a-half inches squared, is designed to produce 1500+ lumens of light and is waterproof to depths of around 30m.

It’s controlled manually or via a smartphone app.

The newest addition to the product line is the Light-House + Diffuser System. The Light-House was created for those wanting to soften, warm, or manipulate the light being emitted from the Lume Cube. Users may magnetically attach diffusers, CTO gels, RGBY gels, grids, bulbs and more to the Lume Cube.