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Licence-free video transcoding

By Anne Morris

The VersAtivePro licence-free transcoding platform is a key feature of the digital video products being showcased by ATX Networks at IBC this week.

The company said a major point of pride for VersAtivePro was that it was not licence-based, and as a result eliminates the many hassles involved with those licences. It enables capacities from a single channel up to more than 100 channels on a single unit.

ATX is also showcasing the Video Management System (VMS), which provides centralised management and control of multiple VersAtivePro units.

VMS optimises video operations by providing a single user interface for configuring multiple units. It also features advanced monitoring with live previews and enables the operator to implement multiple redundancy schemas.

A third part of the solution is the DigiVu II Micro broadcast quality encoder, designed for local insertion and backhaul applications. This encoder provides best-in-class video quality and support for multiple output profiles, says ATX.