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LGZ Broadcasting Tech: Sports server – just for reference

A new Reference System server has been developed by LGZ especially for sports leagues and horse racing to allow them to instantly review events, make decisions about what is happening live, while the server is still recording.

The LGZ REF eight-channel (or four-channel) Linux-based loop-recording server can record eight HD-SDI feeds simultaneously and has a simple interface.

“The systems perhaps most interesting feature is its web interface, which allows people to connect remotely to it and choose clips to export to destinations of their choice,” said LGZ CEO, Joachim Koitsalu. Customers can easily export specific clips or whole chunks of the production to quickly share them with colleagues after the events. “We have systems in Switzerland and Finland and have two large ice hockey leagues that are now considering our product,” he added.

It comes with an integrated multiviewer where timecode and cue points are graphically represented. It can have from four to 16 hours of loop recording, depending on size of the SSD drives.

LGZ launched its €2,100 USB Recorder at IBC2013, and has since sold some 200. It recently added QuickTime support for Mac, simplified the interface, and has given users the ability to add a logo/watermark for branding or security to any files that are created. There is also a version that includes Blackmagic Design’s Decklink Studio, to allow it to record analogue signals.