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LED improvements offer brighter outlook

The new LG-900MSII/MCSII and LG-1200MSII/MCSII LED lights from Ledgo are considerable advances on its previous LG-900MS/MCS and LG-1200MS/MCS model. The new lights offer improved colour rendition (a TLCI of 93), high light output and low power consumption. They can be used with a lighting console, and are suitable for use both in studio and on location (with WiFi control).

They are available in daylight (MSII – 5600K) or bi-colour (MCSII) versions, and have a 45-degree beam angle, with a standard V mount for battery operation, as well as passive cooling. The 54W, 4kg LG-900 has 900 LEDs, while the 72W, 4.275kg LG-1200 has 1200 LEDs.

Also new are Ledgo’s 144W LG-T1440MC and (larger) 288W T2880LMC panel lights. These offer a very soft, cool bi-colour light (3200K to 5600K) with a TLCI of 93 to 96 (depending on colour).

They are flicker free and intended for studio use, controlled by DMX, WiFi, or via an iPhone app. The panel lights are 27mm thick, and can be mounted on light stands and placed either horizontally or vertically.