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LED Celebs go wireless

The Celeb 201, 401 and 401Q now have a built-in Lumen Radio DMX wireless link. They also boast new colour temperature presets and programmable 2700K to 6500K colour control.

The LED lights’ high output soft white light doesn’t flicker or shift colour temperature when dimmed, and light levels don’t change when selecting Kelvin settings.

The universal power input fixtures come complete with moulded accessory holders, removable gel frame, focusing louver and are available with centre mounts for the 201 and 401 versions, and in a yoke mount and pole-op version for all three fixtures.

Kino Flo’s fluorescent lights have also been improved, including the new Image 87 and 47, the new Imara S100 and
S60, and the new ParaZip 415 and 215 fixtures, all with power factor correction and universal power input.