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Leader Instruments: CTV stumps up for rasterizers

CTV Outside Broadcasts has bought eight Leader LV 7770 rasterizing multi-SDI signal monitors for its new OB 11 truck from Leader’s UK reseller, Thameside TV.

“OB 11 is one of the largest outside broadcast trucks in Europe […] and can accommodate a crew of 34 people, sourcing from up to 28 live cameras,” said Chris Thomas, CTV’s head of vision. “The truck is 3G-capable throughout and has a large main production suite, a huge VT area plus two additional rooms which can be used for activities such as editing or graphics.”

Seven of the LV 7770 units are used in the main engineering area to check the quality of incoming video from the 28 camera channels. “They were chosen on the basis of their excellent quality, functionality and the good post-sales support,” he added.

“An additional LV 7770 is housed in the edit suite. The Leader rasterizers enable production staff to check waveforms, vectors and other data on relatively large wall-mounted displays, which are much easier to work with than the miniature screens incorporated into most test equipment. OB 11 is certainly not short of wall space. It has higher headroom than our previous big trucks with a quad expander comprising one double that comes out from the top of the roof space plus a concertina that folds out in three different steps.”

It has been used to cover cricket for Sky Sports, and other facilities include: Sony MVS-8000X production switcher; Imagine Platinum IP3 router; Calrec Apollo audio desk; RTS/Telex Omneo IP-based intercom; and Axon interfaces. It is built to allow easy upgrading to 4K.