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Kicking off: IBC Content Everywhere Hub Panel Sessions

IBC2016 is approaching and the line-up for the IBC Content Everywhere Hub panel sessions is coming together. This year the Hub will look at the ability to distribute and consume video content online, which is having a dramatic impact on the broadcast and digital media landscape.

Broadcasters are now expanding their audience reach by live-streaming their programmes to smartphone, tablet and computer users and offering video-on-demand catch up services. New over the top (OTT) on-demand video platforms are offering viewers alternatives to traditional linear television channels, giving content creators, brands, corporations, artistic and educational institutions and even individuals the opportunity to build their own, potentially global, audiences.

The IBC Content Everywhere Europe Hub, located at the heart of Hall 14 at the show in Amsterdam this September, hosts a full programme of free-to-attend panel sessions and product demonstrations exploring and explaining many of the exciting opportunities being created by the online distribution of digital media.

Ian Volans, producer of the IBC Content Everywhere Hub panel session programme, said: “Interest in online distribution is attracting new audiences to IBC. The Hub’s role is to explain the ‘Content Everywhere’ opportunity to these first-time visitors and to those from IBC’s loyal core audience who are trying to understand how broadband fits alongside traditional broadcast.

“Hall 14 will host a multitude of companies dedicated to creating long term sustainable business models for ‘Content Everywhere’. The Hub programme of panel sessions and demos is designed to explore the future of broadcast in this area,” said Volans.

The panel sessions will include a mix of short presentations and moderated panel discussion to provide visitors with editorially independent and educational introductions to the technologies, techniques and associated jargon at the intersection of broadcast and broadband.

The programme will consist of two panels each day from Friday to Monday, at 13:00 and 15:30. For the latest information on the Hub panel session programme visit