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Keeping in sync with changing times

Meeting the demands of an interconnected world requires ever-higher levels of accuracy and traceability, according to Masterclock, manufacturer and provider of precise timing applications, which is discussing its portfolio of products here at IBC.

Masterclock, which has recently undergone a rebranding, is providing the timing equipment for this year’s IBC Hack-a-thon and other presentation areas using its RC600 countdown controller combined with various digital displays.

While Masterclock’s origin and main focus is within the broadcasting industry, the company has found a wide range of applications for its products. John Clark, president and CEO at Masterclock, said the company’s countdown systems do everything from keeping doctors on schedule during surgeries, to timing launches for space missions.

The RC600 can distribute count signals either to existing Time Code displays or onto a network, allowing any number of network devices and displays to receive and display the active count.

Clark added: “Our expertise in all things timing allows us to develop solutions specific to customer needs regardless of industry.”