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Keeping antennas and engineers cosy

A range of removable satellite dish weather covers, for smaller antennas such as Sky TV, has been designed and patented by TV Surface Heating Systems.

The covers, which are made from an RF-invisible, thermo-formed plastic and ink, allow any flag, logo or emblem to be printed without distortion or discolouring. The covers can disguise existing rusty/unsightly dishes and are said to help reduce the effects of rain, sleet, hail and snow damage to the dish and TV reception.

Available in both passive and heated versions, the covers can be made to suit almost any satellite dish up 0.96m.

Also on show is a range of electrically heated clothing that the company said was designed to help keep even the most inactive person warm during the coldest of winters. Available in soft shell fabric, the vests and jackets have ‘thinsulate’-type insulation, front and rear heater panels and are powered by a standard 5V USB power bank (not supplied). They allow the wearer up to 10 hours of heating.