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Ka-band antenna doubles up

Receiving a world premiere at IBC is the miniCaster Duo Ka-band antenna, with its new dual antenna system which is said to make live production in H.265 possible from anywhere. According to TV1, this has enabled it to achieve a new bandwidth record on NewsSpotter Ka-band.

The dual antenna system enables bonding with two Sat-IP modems simultaneously to achieve a doubling in performance, claimed
the company.

Michael Westphal, co-founder and CEO, TV1, said: “Where NewsSpotter systems have a limitation of 10Mbits/second up- or down-speed, users of the miniCaster Duo reached 20Mbits/second. This is important for high-end productions using H.265/HEVC where bandwidths up to 20Mbits/second are crucial.

“There is also an additional positive side effect,” added Westphal. “Where Ka-band systems lack redundancy, the miniCaster Duo is fully redundant; every single part of the system is available twice. In the event of one system going down, the second system will stay online and keep the

signal uninterrupted.”

According to Westphal, this has been achievable using intelligent bonding systems such as those from LiveU, in which two Sat-IP bandwidths are combined into a single stream.