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JBL Professional: Studio monitors with an added ambience

The 3 Series studio monitors, the first studio monitor line to incorporate the patent-pending Image Control Waveguide, have been introduced at IBC.

Harman’s JBL Professional 3 Series features two models: the LSR305, a 5-inch powered studio monitor, and the LSR308, an 8-inch powered studio monitor. The LSR305 boasts a response of 43Hz to 24kHz and a peak SPL of 108dB, while the LSR308 features a response of 37Hz to 24kHz and a peak SPL of 112dB. The monitors also feature Class D amplifiers, a long-throw woofer and a damped woven composite tweeter.

A new JBL technology developed for the company’s M2 Master Reference Monitor launched earlier this year, Image Control Waveguide enables the listener to hear greater depth and ambience in recordings, claimed the company.

Surrounding the high frequency tweeter, and located directly above the woofer, the waveguide precisely controls the sound emanating from the monitor in the vertical and horizontal planes. With a complex contour employing tiny, engineered ridges, the waveguide optimises the phase relationship of the loudspeakers, and also the blend of directed and reflecting sound arriving at the listening position.

The company said the waveguide design allows subtle detail to be heard, even in a dense mix, and produces a wide stereo panorama with a rock-solid phantom-centre image.

In addition, the waveguide enables 3 Series models to deliver neutral sound across a large working space, regardless of room acoustics, which JBL said eliminated the need for the customer to be positioned directly in front of the monitors when making critical adjustments to the mix.

JBL’s patented Slip Stream low-frequency port design works in concert with the woofer to produce deep bass response at all playback levels, while the double-flared shape of the port is engineered for greater low-frequency extension and reduced turbulence.