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Jampro: New filters lend DAB a helping hand

New DAB combiners, bandpass filters, and mask filters are being showcased.

Jampro describes its RCCC-DT4-DAB filters and combiners as extremely stable and easy-to-tune units that meet all the requirements of the Eureka 147 specification. Filters with up to eight sections in constant impedance and reflective configurations have been supplied, with Jampro claiming that units are ideal for combining with existing TV transmitters in an existing VHF antenna.

The RF System Series RCED-XXX-DAB reflective bandpass filters provide high mask performance for low and medium power DAB transmitters. Passband insertion loss is minimised by the use of high-Q aluminium cavities.

Temperature stability is maintained through tight manufacturing techniques and Invar tuning rods. These mask filters are designed for input power levels up to 4.5kW. The 6-section cross-coupled filters are shipped fully tested.

The RCBC-D06-DAB bandpass filter features Invar tuning rods to create temperature stability and high-Q aluminium cavities which provide low passband insertion loss in a compact package.

The JVD dipole side-mounted antenna is aimed at DAB Band III and TV broadcasting applications where low wind loadings are required. Designed for vertical polarisation, the antenna’s rugged galvanised and stainless steel construction is intended for many years of performance, even in the harshest environments. Protective lightweight radomes can be added to protect against heavy ice build-up, and custom mounting brackets are optional.

“Jampro has built a reputation on accommodating the exact specifications of every individual broadcaster,” said Jampro president Alex Perchevitch.

“As Digital Audio Broadcasting continues to grow in popularity, especially in Europe, we are responding by bringing filters and combiners to a market which has embraced it right from the start.”