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iTX On-Demand aids creation of VoD content

TX On-Demand is Grass Valley’s new system for automating video-on-demand workflows, reducing the delay in publishing for live programmes by processing of files as they grow; minimising delivery time tojust minutes after the show finishes.

For pre-recorded shows, fully featured broadcast quality VoD and catch-up TV can be started hours in advance by pre-packaging assets, with no need to wait for the transmission time. iTX On-Demand is tightly integrated with iTX Playout, but also works alongside third-party systems.

It also saves time for live content, by automating the VoD process. It’s not a separate, or downstream, process, as VoD asset creation is embedded into the production from the start. iTX recipes within the On-Demand system contain all the assets for each VoD work order, allowing complex tasks to be automatically performed in parallel with linear production workflow, without the need for manual intervention.

It creates complete broadcast masters by adding or removing commercials, promotions and programming, inserting dedicated branding, watermarks and captioning, all faster than real time. Broadcast masters are then transcoded to create different VoD versions in parallel, with specific metadata for different platforms.