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IRT delivers HbbTV companion integration

The abilities of HbbTV in ad insertion – spot replacement in the form of commercials via the internet but in a linear TV context – is a big part of the DVB and IRT exhibits, but HbbTV in companion screen integration is yet another great app.

“We can launch content from a companion screen onto the TV and vice versa,” said Michael Probst, IRT platforms for broadcast services. “That was a big new thing, but we missed a couple of small things for a better transition from broadcast to IP. So we launched HbbTV 2.0.1.

“We are doing a number of HbbTV prototype showcases and we are now able to synchronise media across the home network as well.”

For instance, there is a soundtrack of a movie playingon TV, and it also plays on a smartphone.

“One person may want to listen to the original soundtrack in English and another person prefers the German soundtrack,” said Probst. “In our prototype you have a broadcast loop.

The broadcaster has an HbbTV app that allows us to push content.

“You can push an (Android) app onto the tablet, which is in contact with the TV app and can now tell the tablet to play the soundtrack that is on TV in the preferred language.”