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IP video comes of age

2016 is to be remembered as the year IP video finally came of age, according to Tektronix, which claimed it saw its leads on the first day of IBC rise by 45 per cent year on year thanks to an influx of potential customers ready to implement the technology.

Tektronix has been working with other manufacturers in the industry to showcase technology readiness for the migration to live video over IP with the LiveIP Project, run by the VRT and EBU.

The project concluded in June this year and a production team involved in it from Belgian children’s TV network, Ketnet, were so impressed by the results that they have been using the infrastructure since June to go live on the channel.

Paul Robinson, CTO for video at Tektronix, stated: “Ketnet has been a proof point that using IP for live production is completely viable and works. This is one of the reasons people are now saying they are ready to deploy the technology.”

He continued: “There’s been a lot of talk about IP video over the last couple of years, and deployments in 2016 have proven it works, so people are now ready to use it and are seeking technology out.

Everybody that comes to the stand knows what they want; people are saying, ‘we want to see Prism, we’ve heard about it and want to see what it does’.

“Tektronix invested in IP video at the right time, strategically, and now Prism is the only product available today to make real-time transport protocol (RTP) IP measurements.

This allows you to measure dropped packets and jitter, so you can optimise the network before you put anything over it.”