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IP offers Intelligent Prompting

Autoscript’s Intelligent Prompting is claimed to be the broadcast industry’s first completely IP-enabled, end-to-end teleprompting system. It allows devices to be located anywhere, delivering ease of use and redundancy, and can reduce set-up time by up to 75 per cent.

As Intelligent Prompting units generally require no counterbalance, they can be up to 50 per cent lighter than prompters that need counterbalance. This weight reduction eases payload issues for camera supports and prevents oscillations at the end of robotic movements.

Autoscript is also previewing a new, ergonomically-designed foot control for Intelligent Prompting, powered by Ethernet. Also new is its EVO-IP monitor, claimed to be the
first prompting monitor to include an Ethernet connection for receiving data from the software and controller for translation into video.

“Until now, prompting systems have relied on USB, video, and serial cables to connect the controller to the prompting engine and deliver prompting output to the monitor. Our customers needed a seamless IP prompting workflow for today’s evolving broadcast environments,” said Autoscript product manager Robin Brown.

For simplicity and reliability, Intelligent Prompting avoids using video over IP and ensures that much less data is sent over the IP network. The intelligence needed to generate the script has been incorporated inside each Intelligent Prompting monitor, enabling it to produce the video output directly.

The workflow removes the traditional scroll box from the operator position, which means no signal routing considerations, no A/B switches needed for failover scenarios, and no video standards issues.