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IP makes it possible

According to Imagine Communications CEO Charlie Vogt, the day is not far off when everyone, from Facebook to Marriott Hotels to corporate America, will be a broadcaster, a revolution made possible by IP.

That’s a future he relishes, because he believes his company, with its suite of IP and cloud capabilities, is well placed to benefit from. “With IP technology, almost anything we can imagine becomes possible,” said Vogt.

“With the internet, mobility, social media and fragmentation of how and when we consume content, there is a disruption in the market that creates opportunities.”

Vogt is enthused by an internal project Imagine recently assigned to summer interns at Imagine to look at what was possible with AR and VR.“Anyone who was sceptical beforehand would have been pretty compelled by what they came up with,” he smiled.

“When it comes to sports, for example, being able to see what’s happening not only in front of you but also behind you is pretty transformative.”

Are VR and AR next year’s 3D?
“Who knows?” laughed Vogt. “3D was far from a success. VR and AR may be a passing fad, or they may be longer term game-changers.

The point is, they’re a great example of how the industry can innovate with the power of IP and the cloud behind it, and that’s an area in which we lead.”