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IP Live is market-ready

Imagine has partnered with EVS to forge “a market-ready” package for IP live production. “With EVS we are aggressively going after the live news and sports market,” declared Charlie Vogt, Imagine Communications CEO. “We are taking their best of breed solutions in slow-motion and instant replay and marrying that with our playout automation.”

The solution being demonstrated live on the show floor features Imagine’s signal processor Selenio MCP and Magellan SDN Orchestrator software managing multichannel HD video over SDI and IP linked to EVS’ XT3 server and the EVS XiP gateway.

“We are using the SMPTE-2022 standard and our JPEG-2000-based compression to allow broadcasters to work with video over SDI and IP at the same time,” said Vogt.

By putting its weight behind SMPTE and the J2K scheme Imagine expects others to follow. “The evolution of standards will accelerate around successful technologies being deployed by the largest global companies. DirecTV, Disney ABC, Fox Networks are all adopting SMPTE-2022 and J2K so you will see smaller companies do the same.”

EVS CEO Muriel De Lathouwer commented: “We realised we had the same vision regarding the transition to IP. We both promote interoperability, open standards and a hybrid approach. Broadcasters can be confident 2022 really works.”

Vogt added that IBC is a validation of the vision Imagine laid out two years ago. “We were the one company that said everyone needed to move to software defined networks and the cloud. It’s exciting that IP is the single biggest theme at the show,” he said. Amtrium