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TVU Networks: IP developments for ENG

Options for OB vehicles and mobile phones will be among the live mobile IP newsgathering innovations on show.

The TVU MLink is being touted for IP-based OBs. When rack-mounted in the truck this IP ENG transmitter allows users to aggregate available bandwidth from mobile, Ka-band satellite, Ku-band satellite and microwave links in order to deliver what TVU describes as a “stable, resilient transmission from practically any location.”

MLink transmitters can be used with a roof-mounted antenna and are capable of transmitting live video with sub-one second latency.

At the same time, the TVU Anywhere app is the suggested solution for mobile IP ENG. When used with a TVUPack receiver, TVU Anywhere turns a compatible iOS, Android, Mac or Windows device into a live video transmitter. Features of the free downloadable app include store and forward, IFB and the ability to both control transmission settings from the studio and to aggregate Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE connections.

Improvements to the TVUPack on-camera transmitter will also be on show. These include the ability to aggregate any combination of mobile, Wi-Fi, ethernet, satellite or microwave connections for live video broadcast with sub-second latency.

IP switching, routing and distribution is another focus for TVU in 2014 with TVU Grid. This innovation uses a broadcaster’s existing IP network to switch in realtime to any source video made available on the grid or from the internet.

A final development, TVU Social, enables crews in the field to take stills from the live video transmitted through TVUPack and post them directly to their social media networks without requiring a separate device.