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Intercom products for interface solutions

At our Eisenberg headquarters in Germany we design and manufacture high-quality digital intercom and announcement systems for use in radio and TV broadcasting and theatres. DELEC products like the oratis intercom and oratis commentary systems ensure perfect communication between OB vans and camera operators, production manager and conductor, or stage manager and actors.

The company was established in 1988 in response to increased demand for digital announcement and intercom systems. Since 2002, DELEC Audio- und Videotechnik has become a global player as a member of the Salzbrenner Stagtec Mediagroup. DELEC customers include German-based broadcasters like the BR and ZDF, and also well-known international broadcasters such as the BBC.

DELEC has been attending the IBC as exhibitor since 2009 and we will continue to participate in the years to come. For our international clients and for us at DELEC, the IBC is the most important exhibition worldwide. The show has proven to be a perfect platform for us to reach out to both customers and press.

Last year DELEC’s newly launched oratis compact 1U intercom router was awarded with TVBEurope’s ‘Best of IBC2013’ award which boosted take up of the highly competitive product. Since IBC2013 we have sold nearly 60 systems which exceeded our expectations by far. With another 45 oratis compact routers already ordered, we are looking forward to a bright future for DELEC.

The broadcast industry – with its vast amount of system components provided by multiple vendors – requires more and more intelligent interfacing solutions as integrated designs become more common. Especially for intercom products integration with third party systems is of paramount importance, both for audio and control data. DELEC understands this and offers unique solutions to help our customers build networked system solutions enabling them to fulfil their daily production requirements.

Having all the players on hand at one time not only helps potential DELEC customers to assess the market but also gives us the opportunity to connect with suppliers and partner with key companies.

Clearly the demand for IP-related solutions is driving the industry right now and we are certain these are bound to revolutionise the broadcast world still further. With our strong system integration background we are able to guide our clients through the design process, evaluating the bewildering variety of IP solutions on the market.

DELEC offers Ethernet-, IP- and internet-capable products and we have the required expertise to pick the best approach for each application. We are a solid partner to our customers and ensure the choice of the most innovative – yet most reliable solution.

Despite the demand for IP, intercom products are required to offer a wide range of interface technologies. Hybrid solutions offering flexible IP interfaces as well as conventional MADI, AES/EBU and analogue 4-wire and 2-wire audio interfaces will continue to exist.