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Intelsat: Bringing football to the new world

Televisa, TV Azteca, OTI, Univision, DIRECTV Latin America, TV Globo, ESPN Brazil, Fox Brasil, Megavision, Andina de Radiodifusion, Globecast, Overon America, Canal 13, Arsat TVN Chile, FF Work, Softbank for TV Asahi and British Media Communications for the BBC…these were among the leading news and sports programmers to use Intelsat’s global satellite services and IntelsatOne terrestrial network to televise the 2014 World Cup.

Intelsat’s global satellite fleet supported contribution services within Brazil and distribution of the world feed to the Americas. Intelsat also supported the contribution, distribution and fibre back-up demands of sports and news organisations in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa on an ad-hoc basis using Intelsat’s occasional use service pool.

The satellite services provided complemented existing full-time capacity arrangements used by sports and news organisations for news coverage emanating from the region, with programmers committing to approximately 500 MHz of capacity reserved on seven satellites for full-time services for the duration of the games, which were used to distribute the World Cup matches throughout the Americas and Europe.

“Intelsat excels at bringing the world together to share in some of the most exciting moments in modern history,” said Peter Ostapiuk, Intelsat’s vice president, media product management (pictured). “From the 1968 Olympics in Mexico to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the Intelsat network has delivered many of Latin America’s most exciting sporting events to the rest of the world.”